Friday, July 4, 2014

The Day After

Wondering if I would make the July challenge today!  I've been cooking like a mad woman.  I have 3 almost grown boys and a hungry husband that I love to feed.  I stopped finally long enough to put my scope and sequence down for the first two chapters.  I'm dying to dig in and develop better lessons and loving the ideas on twitter.  Also, the anotated TE for TPS 5 is great!  I'll rely on that alot this year I think.

I read the long conversation between @druinok and @gwaddellnvhs and it's made me think about those long nights grading free response questions.  I've heard lots of solutions to the problem - students obviously need more practice than we are capable of giving feed back to.  One of the suggestions that Michael Legacy had this week was to give half of the assignment partial credit for completing the problem set with reasonable answers that you can skim and randomly pick a problem (different for each student) to grade for the other half of the grade.  They would have to do it outside of class so I'm not sure how to address whether or not they do it on their own.  Part of me is okay with them working together but not copying for the sake of completion.  Our district sets our grading scale at 15% homework, 25% daily/quizzes, and 60% major.  With the difficulty level of AP questions, I'd like to make them daily/quiz grades but I don't want them just copying to complete the assignment.  Lots to think about this weekend!

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