Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back on the Wagon

After a refreshing time in Frisco and at the Texas Spa Castle with my cute husband, I am relaxed and ready to dive into lesson planning with a whole new perspective.  This summer has changed how I will teach.  I'm so excited to have met some tweeps and to share in the growth mindset both for myself and for my students.  I have 2 weeks starting Monday with some geometry students who didn't get it the first time (or at least enough of it) and I'm going to start class with that mindset discussion.  I'm interested to see how it goes.

I also got 3 quick reads that I'm going to explore before I put my lessons together.  Our summer learning series challenge this past week was to listen to 3 podcasts.  I chose ECM #20 for my first one and was reminded about Dave Burgess' challenge to focus on the presentation of our content as much as on the content and teaching strategies.  If you haven't read his book, I'd highly recommend it.  It is a quick read and has some great questions to ask yourself that will help you unlock your lesson planning genius.

Thanks to @kklaster and @mathequalslove for the links to the growth mindset quiz and presentations.  That will make my first lesson quick to put on a blog for my students.  I am working through a Beth Moore bible study on 1 and 2nd Thessalonians this summer as well.  Today's lesson included an examination of how things can grow - love, hate, sin, righteousness - and how we get to choose what grows in our lives.  I thought immediately about how that tied in to the growth mindset in education and how we have to choose to grow our mind because not choosing is actually choosing the opposite of growth. I'm sure I got that message in something I've read this summer but I've read so much I can't even point to the source.  What a great problem to have - It's been a while since I've been so inspired!

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